Skydiving Veteran

WWII veteran skydives to honor brother

The non-profit organization Comrades and Canopies hosted honor flight veterans at Skydive Taft for a first of its kind jump.

“Veterans have a bond that is very unique and being able to get these guys out there and jumping out of a plane is special to us”, said Chad Garcia, co-founder of Comrades and Canopies.

90-year-old David Crawford, a WWII Honor Flight Veteran, has had Skydiving on his bucket list for years. Crawford jumped with 91-year-old WWII Honor Flight veteran Charlie Wilson, and 85-year-old Korean War veteran, Jerry Bridges.

Honoring Emry Crawford

Missing in the crowd for moral support was the brother of WWII veteran David Crawford. Crawford and his brother, Emry, served in the war together. Emry was supposed to be at the jump but instead was laid to rest just a day before. The Crawford brothers developed a special bond after taking their first honor flight together.

“They would drive and be at every send-off at 4 a.m. and also every return at all hours of the night and they never missed” said Lili Marsh, Director, Honor Flight Kern County.

Crawford was able to honor his brother 13,000 feet in the air with a tandem skydive.

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