Skydiving Weight Limit

Why is there a weight limit for skydiving?

If you go skydiving, you’ll be weighed and/or asked what your weight is. While this might seem bizarre, there’s a really good safety reason behind it. Always answer honestly, because skydiving weight limits are no joke!

All skydiving harness-and-container systems and all skydiving reserve canopies have to be certified by the Federal Aviation Authority before they can be sold and put into use. This is done through the TSO (Technical Standard Order) system. A TSO is a minimum performance standard that an “article” has to hold up to. The “article” in our case is a harness and container or the reserve parachute—there are also TSOs for planes and other aeronautic devices. This minimum performance standard is used in determining the max weight for skydiving.

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Testing

Through testing, the FAA decides on minimum safety standards that equipment needs to meet, including a skydiving weight limit. To obtain a TSO certificate for a new type of rig or parachute, a skydiving manufacturer has to put their new design through a rigorous testing process. This includes:

  • Testing for failure, where they stress the system until it breaks to ensure it will hold up to standard use
  • Drop tests, where they drop it out of a plane on a dummy to ensure it will function properly in the real world
  • And many other tests!

As part of these tests, they have to define a maximum weight the equipment can be used with. This maximum allowable weight is set below the weight at which the equipment would fail to give, within a large safety margin that ensures a catastrophic failure never happens.

It would be awesome if skydiving gear could be certified to hold any amount of weight, but just like the structural limitations of planes limit how much weight they can safely hold in flight, our skydiving gear has structural limitations too.

So what is the maximum weight for skydiving?

The skydiving weight limit for tandem jumps is 240 lbs. For solo/accelerated freefall skydiving, the max weight is 230 lbs.

You can only skydive below the max weight listed for each jump type. If you weigh more than the maximum but want to skydive, you have several options open to you. Some people who want to lose weight anyway use skydiving as a reward and goal to work toward. We’ve hosted a number of these people at Skydive Taft, and it’s always fun to hear their story of how skydiving inspired them to improve their life!

For people for whom losing weight is not a healthy option, sometimes another solution can be found without compromising safety. For example, some skydivers who weigh too much to be able to jump with standard gear learn to jump solo using modified tandem gear, which is TSO’d to a higher weight.

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