Skydiving Weight Requirements

We love skydiving, and we love sharing it with everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in this amazing sport. For safety reasons, the tandem skydiving weight limit here at Skydive Taft is 240 lbs. We know, this sucks! But here’s why this limitation exists.

Parachute systems have a maximum designed weight limit. On a tandem jump, the total weight of the passenger, the gear, the tandem Instructor cannot exceed this weight limit. Jumping at a weight above the parachute’s capability could cause the parachute to fail; an incredibly dangerous proposition during freefall.

Body Composition

The absolute skydiving tandem weight limit is only a part of the discussion. If you are considered overweight for your height, you could also be at risk. During the parachute portion ride portion of the jump, your weight is suspended through your thighs. Nausea, loss of circulation, and loss of consciousness is more common in overweight jumpers. If a student has trouble lifting their legs for landing, the chance of an injury is increased. Also, if a harness cannot be properly fitted to the jumper, serious safety issues arise. So, even if you are not above the maximum weight limit, your body mass index (BMI) could prevent you from safely skydiving.

Instructor Effectiveness

Now, let’s do a bit of mathematics here. If a parachute system can only carry a certain maximum weight then, the larger a jumper is, the smaller the instructor needs to be to compensate. And, have you ever tried to move an object much heavier than yourself? Difficult, right? Well, this situation will increase the instructor’s workload, raising the risk level of the jump. For this reason, Skydive Taft charges additional fees for jumpers over 200 lbs. This is not intended to fat-shame anyone, but rather to compensate for the additional precautions and work required on our part to ensure a safe jump for a person close to the upper tandem skydiving weight limit.

At the end of the day, skydiving is an extreme sport. And at Skydive Taft, the safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We will never put you in an unnecessarily unsafe situation. Our operations include a world-class training facility that welcomes skydivers from all across the world. For more information about skydiving weight requirements, or if you have any skydiving tandem weight limit concerns, please contact us ahead of time.

The Skydive Taft Experience

Located just two hours outside of Los Angeles, Skydive Taft has been serving the Southern California region for over twenty years. Our pristine equipment, professional instructors, and friendly vibes make us the ideal choice for a quick weekend getaway or more advanced skydiving training. Book your next adventure today! We welcome group bookings and offer a variety of packages so you can share the experience with your family and friends long after the jump the is over.