Skydiving Locations Near Los Angeles

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Southern California is renowned for nearly year-round skydiving weather and breathtaking skydiving locations. Whether you’re in the area for work or pleasure, there’s plenty of opportunities for a thrilling tandem or solo excursion. California is blessed with breathtaking physical features at every turn. From the Pacific Ocean to mountains, lakes, and valleys, there’s no shortage of incredible sights and experiences. Here are some of the best skydiving places in the Los Angeles area.

  1. The San Joaquin ValleyThe San Joaquin Valley is a pristine skydiving destination thanks to the weather and atmospheric conditions. Mild winds and low cloud cover make for clear skies to see for miles around, and the cooperative weather means more jump-able days per year. With skydiving locations a good distance from the coast, there is no marine layer to contend with. (a buildup of ocean fog and moisture that can inhibit skydiving)

    At the southern tip of the San Joaquin Valley closest to Los Angeles, you’ll find our dropzone, Skydive Taft. Serving the Los Angeles area for over twenty years, we’ve won numerous nationwide awards for experienced instructors and a friendly community.

  2. The Elsinore Valley
    Located between the Los Angeles and San Diego metropolitan areas, the Elsinore Valley is home to Southern California’s largest natural lake and the breathtaking Ortega Mountains. This area is also known for year-round jumping weather. From jumping altitude, you can take in views of the Pacific Ocean, Big Bear, Mt. San Jacinto, and Mount Palomar.
  3. California Coast
    California’s coast offers options for experiencing the thrill of skydiving against the backdrop of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. This is a particularly picturesque view later in the day, when reflections of the setting sun shimmer off the water. Skydiving locations right on the coast come with a tradeoff, though. The persistent marine layer limits visibility.
  4. San Bernardino Mountains
    Heading further inland, the San Bernadino Mountains are quite a drive from LA, but a solid destination for skydiving sights above a dynamic landscape of snowcapped peaks and evergreen trees.

The Skydive Taft Experience

Skydive Taft has been the premier skydiving location for the Los Angeles area for over twenty years. Known for our short wait times, impeccable safety record, easy drive, and top-notch instructors as a major training center, Skydive Taft is consistently voted one of the country’s best mid-size dropzone. Book your next adventure at Skydive Taft today! To learn to skydive solo, check out our Accelerated Freefall course.