What your skydiving instructor wants you to know

If you can jump out of an airplane, you can do anything.

I say this to all my tandem students at Skydive Taft; it seems to give them the motivation they need to let a complete stranger throw them out of an airplane. Pretty crazy huh? As a tandem instructor, I come across a lot of different personalities, and over time, I can read people well enough to adjust my approach and hopefully make their time with me as memorable as possible.

Jumping for the First Time

Someone’s first skydive is a big deal because that individual is usually going through a transition in their life, whether they know it or not. When asked to explain this experience to someone that’s never jumped before, some people say it’s like trying to explain how sex feels to a virgin since there are no descriptive words that give it justice. Awesome, cool, amazing, are just too broad in order to begin to describe the intensity of jumping out of an airplane for the first time. The best I can come up with is sensory overload.

Once the door opens and you’re hanging out of the airplane, you experience the most overwhelming feeling unconceivable to the normal person. But the intensity is not the reward, but a necessary step to get to a place of total peace. Once you leave the airplane, your mind quickly realizes there is no going back and the most amazing thing happens: you let go.

The Bonds of Skydiving

Skydive Taft is very unique drop zone bringing people together that normally would never cross paths. Skydivers, in general, tend to live more for the moment and the bonds between them are extraordinarily strong. As I write this, I find myself reminiscing about my first jump out of an airplane, how I got started working in this sport and how Skydive Taft changed me for the better, but I’ll save that for another time.

Tandem skydiving with instructor    Group selfie at Skydive Taft

Skydiving instructor tandem jump    Skydiving selife

4 Replies to “What your skydiving instructor wants you to know”

  1. Alex wilson says:

    This is amazingly perfect!!

  2. Cynthia Manning says:

    My 60th Birthday is March 21 . That’s what I want to do . Take it to the limit on something I know will be awesome for the next decade of my life the Good Lord Willing . So I need to sign up soon and take the course I need to complete the task … sincerely YOLO … Cynthia Manning. Also Mark Witcher is a friend of mine and was my Captain in The Sept of Corrections and told me to use his name and contact you …

  3. Dave Sadler says:

    Beevo has to be the hardest working man @ Skydive Taft. He has jumped with me several times as instructor. He is on every load with a Tandem or student. I have brought relatives and friends out to Skydive Taft and Beevo has jumped with everyone of them. He has my trust and respect completely.

  4. Martha D’Amico says:

    If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it. Looking forward to my birthday jump. Trusting you and my son!

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