I love the smell of the sky – By Matt Miller

I love the smell of the sky.

When the airplane door opens at 13,000 feet a crisp, clean, pleasant aroma fills my nostrils. This scent will forever be ingrained in my mind, because I associate it with the thing that brings me so much joy: skydiving.

Whenever I catch a whiff of the sky a natural smile overpowers my face, because I know that for the next minute of freefall, everything is going to be alright in the world. I will be totally in the moment, having the time of my life.

And while I’m flying my canopy above the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, I’ll be in a state of euphoria, because stress does not exist up here.

After I get back down to the ground I will be surrounded by amazing friends at Skydive Taft. Stress does not enter my mind when I’m at the dropzone, because the problems we face in life are so insignificant when you’re flying above them like a bird.

There’s a few other sights and sounds that remind me of skydiving. The noise of a turbine engine firing up makes me think of skydive Taft’s Beech 99 jump plane.  The sweet smell of a plane’s exhaust on a cool morning reminds me of skydiving too.

I remember one day a couple months ago I was filming a video at an airport for a school project. At the time I hadn’t been skydiving for two weekends in a row and I was missing the sky and my fellow skydivers. As a Cessna Caravan taxied by me, the smell of burning Jet A. fuel and the sound of its motor triggered my skydiving instincts and without realizing it, I looked up at the blue sky, smiled and began daydreaming of skydiving. Goosebumps covered my skin and I felt tingly throughout my body as I thought about how much I loved skydiving. I awoke to the sounds of my classmates yelling my name and telling me to snap out of it. The group I was filming the project with gave me strange looks. They thought I must have been dreaming about a girl I was in love with.

Their assumption was partially correct, but I wasn’t in love with a girl. I was, and will forever be in love with skydiving.


-Matt MillerSkydiving over CaliforniaSkydiving plane tailSkydiving fall