SoCal Dynamics – Taft Edition

SoCal Dynamics – Taft Edition

Do you like going fast af?
Fat daddy layouts?
Dynamic, carving, transitions, smooth flying, head up, spinnies, and flippies?

The idea behind SoCal Dynamics is to get like-minded flyers together and have weekends where we meet up in SoCal to fly dynamic angles, thousand-foot layouts, divebomb planet Earth, and fly fast across the sky in all orientations.

This is the first one; we’re starting in Taft.

– 3 groups of 6 participants to one LO.
– LOs: Oscar Asfura, Keith Creedy, Tom Baker
– Friday – Sunday
– 6+ jumps per day
– If the groups are flying well, we combine groups for some biggerway fun
– AADs are mandatory
– Each jump has a brief and debrief plus coaching and tips
– Approximately 40 minutes between each jump
– $60 registration
– Email [email protected] to register

This is a higher-level event, not for the beginner angle flyers.

This will, for sure, be a sick weekend of skydives; tell your friends. The idea is that this event gets kicking and we host one a handful times a year in SoCal.

Come shred with the African, the Mexican, and the Ginger, east coast style (and a little euro style cause Oscar’s from Chile which is kinda like Europe. He has a gold zipper on his suit… that’s euro af).

Have you hugged a ginger lately? Tom Baker joined this event as an LO which means the full Generation XP gang is together.