SitFly Camp with Lelo

SitFly Camp with Lelo

**Coaches: Lelo, Luke, Mauro, Efrain and Pete**

Come join us at Skydive Taft for a weekend of fun, ninja flying!
Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st

The plan is to meet at 9 am on Saturday and have a sit-down class on topics like maintaining freefly speeds, proper body position, transitions, etc
Once done with that, we are aiming at doing 5 jumps each day, all coached and debriefed.

*We will be splitting groups based on skill level*

50 jumps
Able to hold sitfly position
Freefly friendly gear
Your inner party animal

Skydive family night on Saturday:
If you have a fedora, bring it, we’re doing a basic salsa lesson after we’ve had enough liquid courage!