Old Farts Boogie 2017

Who is ready to Boogie???
Come on out and play with us!

Freefly LO: Chris Argyle
Belly LOs: Karen Cruz and Jeff Bodin
Wingsuit LO: Joel Hindman
And get ready for this: You have been challenged to earn your SCR Award(s)!!! Yes, your belly game better be spot on!
Saturday night pajama party with DJ Scotty and beer on the house
We’ll be raffling prizes from our wonderful sponsors: IFly San Diego, IFly Hollywoond, Ifly Ontario, Blue Skies Magazine, LiquidSky, Sky High Crew, Cookie Composites, Sigma, UPT, Square One, Head Set Low, and more!

$25 if purchased till May 19th
$35 from May 20th onwards
Boogie fee gets you event t-shirt, access to organizers, free beer, and entrance to the pajama party!
Jump tickets are only $18

Online Registration: https://skydivetaft.webconnex.com/oldfarts2017