Monkey Party

Monkey Party


(Friday = beginner and intermediate. Saturday-Sunday = advanced only. Read on for details)

Keith’s coming back to Taft for a weekend of load organizing. We’re looking for advanced flyers who can hang and want to be pushed with these kinds of jumps:

Headdown and headup movement, fatty daddy layouts and transitions, point-move-point jumps, dynamic moves and lines, and divebombing planet earth as fast as we possibly can.

To keep things safe with these kinds of jumps we’re looking for 6-8 people. The more people, the higher the skill level (for safety).

6-8 jumps/day with briefs/debriefs/tips for success. A normal day will go like this:
A warmup movement jump and go fast
A couple of high success rate jumps
A couple of tricky jumps to push the group
A sunset movement jump and go fast

A small registration fee of $60 covers your weekend of jumping (not required for jumping on beginner/intermediate group Friday).

Looking for 4-5 flyers to jump with on Friday who has some angle flying experience but could use some practice and coaching. No registration fee. Must be able to safely demonstrate angle flying, approaching a formation, and breaking off.

Message Keith to sign up. Slots will fill up soon, so get on it.
[email protected]