Halloween Boogie

Halloween Boogie

FRIDAY NIGHT: Get your tools ready, it’s pumpkin carving contest time!!! “Why should I participate?” you ask. Here’s why: the winner of this amazingly fun time will pay only $20 on jump tickets for the rest of the weekend!!!!

Fineprint: You must bring your own pumpkin and carving tools. Must carve your own pumpkin, and start the same time as everyone else, including preparation. We will start right after sunset load lands.

SUNRISE: We are opening extra early on Saturday at 6:45 am to catch the sunrise! Coffee and donuts will be available 🙂

SATURDAY PUMPKIN DROP CONTEST: Hop & Pop. $5 cash to participate, DZ will provide pumpkins. Winner keeps all the cash from registrations.

SATURDAY NIGHT COSTUME PARTY: Yours truly DJ Ricochet (Adrian Bond) will be spinning in the main hanger while the photo booth will be open for business outside. Be there!

SUNDAY HELI JUMPS: You read it right. $75 per jump. Pre manifesting is already happening, call the office during business hours to secure your slot.

Load organizers Rosa Alva, Peter Dilger, and Joel Hindman will be available for all your Belly, freefly, and wingsuit needs all weekend long!

Yes, we are going big, and the occasion calls for it. It is our one year anniversary and we want to celebrate with all of you. Come on out and help us make this weekend the most special one yet!