Coach Course

Safety Day 2017 at Skydive Taft

Coach Course is the first step to take if you dream of starting a career in skydiving. The course consists of one full day of ground school and one day of ground school and jumping (two jumps minimum)

Course Pre Requirements:
-valid USPA membership
-B license
-Minimum of 100 jumps
-sit through and assist in one FJC (recorded in your logbook and signed by the instructor in charge)
-latest SIM and IRM (available for purchase at
-bring completed USPA Coach Exam (available inside IRM)

Course fee: $300 (to be paid on the first day)
USPA fee: $35
Jump Ticket: $26 each (you pay for yours AND your instructor’s jumps)

Call the office to reserve your slot 661-765-5867
or email [email protected]
Slots are limited