AFF Instructor Rating Course

AFF Instructor Rating Course


The course books for any USPA rating course are the SIM and IRM with can be ordered from USPA.

You are required to arrive at the course with the IRM written exam for that specific course completed.

The IRM exams are open-book tests.

A score of 80% is required to pass the exam.

The USPA AFF Proficiency Card:

The AFF proficiency card is in the back of the IRM or if you send us an email we will send you one.

This card needs to be signed off at the pre-requisites before the course starts if you are already an instructor you can skip the starred numbers.

The signatures are valid for 24 months so don’t worry about starting too early.

The numbers on the back of the card are signed during the course by the Instructor Examiner.

This is all marked on the card itself and is pretty much self-explanatory.

Equipment concerns:

For your and our safety, we ask you to remove all sharp objects from your helmet for the practice and evaluation jumps.

Things like brackets and camera housings etc. Because there is head to body contact on exit and sometimes during the skydive as well, smooth helmets are a must.

Full face helmets are allowed during the course.

Bring a jumpsuit that you are comfortable with. Bootie suits are a great help because off aggressive flying is sometimes necessary.

For a larger range in fall rate weight belt and baggy suit. The pre-course is the time to try out new suits and get comfortable with your suit.

AFF pre-course training:

We start our AFF courses with AFF pre-course you will receive coaching in the specific AFF in-air skills:

flying hard exits;

slot flying with a moving student;

reading the student’s body position;

properly presenting hand signals;

stopping spins;

rolling over an inverted student;

assisting with deployment including pulling for the student.

$550.00 Plus yours and the examiners jump tickets

Any questions email [email protected] or call