USPA Coach rating


– USPA membership
– B license
– Minimum of 100 jumps
– Assist in a First Jump Course


– Complete the written test at home and bring the answers to the course
– Own and bring to course a current IRM (instructors rating manual)
– Own and bring to course a current SIM (skydiver’s information manual)
– Bring to the course your USPA membership card and logbook
*Current means no older than 24 months

The course:

The first day of this skydiving certification course is a full day of classroom training. The second day will be divided into two parts: presentations and two evaluation jumps.

Requirements to pass the course:

– Score a satisfactory on a Category G evaluation jump
– Score a satisfactory on a Category H evaluation jump
– Two satisfactory teaching sessions of first skydiving course topics
– Teach the five group freefall skills from the Coach Proficiency Card
– Score at least 80% on the IRM Coach exam
– Satisfactory student equipment check
– Satisfactory debrief of the jumps
Course fee: $300
USPA License fee: $35
Jump tickets- price varies depending on dropzone (you will pay for yours and your examiner’s jumps)