Comrades and Canopies Make Possible for Veterans to Skydive

What an amazing day! Comrades and Canopies put 9 Honor Flight Kern County Veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam up in a perfectly good airplane and the tremendous staff at Skydive Taft threw them out of it, AND THEY LOVED IT!

Veteran skydiver     Veteran skydiver

Skydiving Veteran Jump     Skydiving Veteran Jump

The smiles, the stories, the camaraderie is what it’s all about. Chad Garcia and I are extremely honored to be able to jump with these guys and are very proud to live in such a wonderful community that helped get these 9 Veterans up in the air! Thank you to all those who continue to give unwavering support to our military men and women! BLUE SKIES!

Thanks to generous community support, we were able to host even more skydiving jumps for veterans than last year. To donate to this cause, please get in touch with Skydive Taft at 661.765.5867 or Comrades and Canopies.

Deploying parachute     Veteran skydiver

Veteran skydiver     Comrades and canopies skydiver