Terminology 101: The Jump

Now that you know what to call everyone on the DZ and you understand the basics of the gear. Now it’s time to dig into what you really care about—the jump! AFF or Accelerated Freefall – The training program that gets you from 0 to jumping on your own! Think of AFF as skydiver training […]

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Skydiving Terminology 101: The Gear

Skydiving gear can seem like a confusing magical backpack of joy and wonder, that, if you breathe on it in the wrong way, could kill you. Fortunately, the gear is far more robust and reliable than that. Take a few minutes to see this skydiving equipment list and learn about the system that will take […]

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Skydiving Terminology 101: The People

By: By Mara Schmid   If you’re new to skydiving, you might feel overwhelmed at all the skydiving terminology being thrown around! Freeflying? Which part is free?! Exit? Where?! Whuffo? What?!   First, a little secret: skydivers luuuuuuuuurrrrve to talk about skydiving. It’s, like, totally their favorite thing. So never feel like you can’t ask a question! […]

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7 Steps To A Good Skydiving Video

Sometimes I like to play “bad skydiving video BINGO” in my head when browsing videos on Facebook or Youtube. Forty seconds of unnecessary canopy flight that for some reason didn’t get edited out? More slo-mo than a Michael Bay movie? Using “Free Falling” for the soundtrack? Can we enforce beer fines for bad videos yet? […]

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What your skydiving instructor wants you to know

After jumping out of an airplane

If you can jump out of an airplane, you can do anything. I say this to all my tandem students at Skydive Taft; it seems to give them the motivation they need to let a complete stranger throw them out of an airplane. Pretty crazy huh? As a tandem instructor, I come across a lot […]

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Comrades and Canopies Make Possible for Veterans to Skydive

Comrades and canopies veteran

What an amazing day! Comrades and Canopies put 9 Honor Flight Kern County Veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam up in a perfectly good airplane and the tremendous staff at Skydive Taft threw them out of it, AND THEY LOVED IT!             The smiles, the stories, the camaraderie is what it’s all about. Chad […]

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How To Be a Good Load Organizer

Group skydiving

By Mara Schmid   Load organizing—also known as herding licensed skydivers as they attempt to do cool jumps—is awesome and rewarding. But it’s also a lot of work. It’s not just a free day of jumping. Your job is to help keep the DZ a fun and safe place, and to get other people to […]

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12 Ways Skydiving Is Like Sex

Why skydiving is like sex

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate ♥️love♥️ with the gift of the sky! After all, freefall has notorious aphrodisiac qualities. (Or is it just the adrenaline?) Unconvinced? We’ve compiled a handy list of 12 ways skydiving is like sex! #1: Some people do it recreationally, others get into it as a passionate hobby, and still others like […]

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I love the smell of the sky – By Matt Miller

Mat Miller Skydives

I love the smell of the sky. When the airplane door opens at 13,000 feet a crisp, clean, pleasant aroma fills my nostrils. This scent will forever be ingrained in my mind, because I associate it with the thing that brings me so much joy: skydiving. Whenever I catch a whiff of the sky a […]

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20 Minute Call – by Matt Cerda

Mat Cerda Skydiving

  20 minutes. You can do a lot with 20 minutes. Cook, clean, run, call a friend, watch a commercial free television show. Or you can consider manifesting for the next load. No matter where you call “home”, Skydive Deland, Chicagoland Skydiving Center, The Ranch, Spaceland, Skydive Taft, the 20 minute call is universally understood […]

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