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    Skydiving Events Calendar

    New and experienced skydivers will fall in love with our relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Come jump with us and you will want to keep coming back!

    Skydive Taft has been serving the Los Angeles area and the state of California for over twenty years. In addition to our regular skydiving services, we host some of the coolest skydiving events in California. From coach and instructor training to skydiving boogies, we take pride in hosting fun skydiving events for a fantastic community.

    Things to Remember

    • Different training courses have different baseline requirements for participation. Be sure to read the event details thoroughly before making plans.
    • Be sure to RSVP by the specified deadline so our staff can make arrangements for all attendees.
    • Fees may vary for special events
    • Watch the weather. When in doubt, call ahead to confirm the event.

    The Taft Experience

    Stop by our drop zone and see what all the buzz is about. Known for our year-round jumping weather, experienced instructors, and superb safety record, it’s easy to see why Skydive Taft stands out. Blue Skies Magazine has recognized us for our vibes, having the best locals, and as a runner-up for the best midsize dropzone in the country.


    We’d love to hear from you! For more information on our services and skydiving events near Los Angeles, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 661-765-5867.

    Call Us Today at 661-765-5867