WWII veteran skydives to honor brother

Skydiving Veteran

The non-profit organization Comrades and Canopies hosted honor flight veterans at Skydive Taft for a first of its kind jump. “Veterans have a bond that is very unique and being able to get these guys out there and jumping out of a plane is special to us”, said Chad Garcia, co-founder of Comrades and Canopies. […]

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Why is there a weight limit for skydiving?

Skydiving Weight Limit

If you go skydiving, you’ll be weighed and/or asked what your weight is. While this might seem bizarre, there’s a really good safety reason behind it. Always answer honestly, because skydiving weight limits are no joke! All skydiving harness-and-container systems and all skydiving reserve canopies have to be certified by the Federal Aviation Authority before […]

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I want to BASE jump!


Throwing yourself out of planes isn’t exciting enough anymore, and you want to learn to BASE jump? Cool. First things first. Yes, you can take the easy way: find a friend dumb enough to loan you a BASE rig, and just go jump off something tall. After all, how hard can it be?! Well, let’s […]

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