Book Accelerated Freefall Skydiving Classes

Book your accelerated freefall skydiving (AFF) course here at Skydive Taft. Choose a date for your jump by clicking on the calendar above. Dates in red are full and dates in grey are closed.

Our accelerated freefall skydiving program is perfect for those looking to take their skydiving to the next level. An initial 4-6 hour ground course will prepare you for your first accelerated freefall jump, supervised by two instructors. Book today to learn solo skydiving from some of the best professionals in the industry with a top-notch safety record.

The Skydive Taft Experience

Skydive Taft has been serving our California skydiving community for over twenty years. We’ve built a reputation as a regional training center for our professionalism and impeccably maintained equipment. Plus, you’ll enjoy a dropzone with generally low cloud coverage, excellent visibility, mild winds, and short wait times.

Our highly-personalized accelerated freefall skydiving program allows you to move at your own pace. Book your AFF skydive with Skydive Taft today!


Our friendly and professional staff will love to hear from you! For more information, be sure to contact us either by phone at 661.765.5867, or email at [email protected]. Get started on your AFF training at the next chance. We look forward to seeing you in the sky!