12 Ways Skydiving Is Like Sex

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate ♥️love♥️ with the gift of the sky! After all, freefall has notorious aphrodisiac qualities. (Or is it just the adrenaline?)

Unconvinced? We’ve compiled a handy list of 12 ways skydiving is like sex!

#1: Some people do it recreationally, others get into it as a passionate hobby, and still others like it so much they do it as a profession. 😉

#2: After you do it for the first time, you can’t stop talking about it. You want to tell everyone what it was like.

#3: If you have traditional parents, they’ll probably be horrified the first time they find out you do it, but eventually they’ll get more or less used to it.

#4: Books and other people can give you tips, but the only way to get really good is to do it a lot.

#5: Enthusiastic consent is a must. With both sex and skydiving, it doesn’t matter how excited you are about it—if the person or people you’re doing it with don’t wanna be there, it’s not gonna be a good time.

#6: Communication is key. If you don’t take the time to talk to the people you’re doing it with, odds are it’s not going to go well.

#7: It can be great fun to do in groups, but the more people involved, the more you’ll need to plan it. It’s important to be sure everyone is safe, participating at their experience level, and having a good time.

#8: It can be a wonderful incentive to get in shape (or stay in shape)!

#9: It’s okay to take your time. Your first time is not going to involve flying a wingsuit or hanging upside-down in a sex swing with…… well, we’ll leave it at that. Take it slow and enjoy the journey!

#10: If you’re in it for the long run, invest in learning how to keep yourself safe. It’ll pay off.

#11: People who don’t know what they’re talking about think it’s scary. They will gladly tell you all the ways you’re going to get hurt or die. But with sex and skydiving, statistically, you’re gonna be fine. (Driving is statistically more dangerous than skydiving, for example.)

#12: It’s better doing it with people you like and trust!

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A tandem skydive is the best way to experience the joy of freefall for the first time. Would you like more information on how to jump solo? Try our Accelerated Freefall course.

2 Replies to “12 Ways Skydiving Is Like Sex”

  1. Eric Brenoel says:

    It’s better doing it with people you like and trust!

  2. I started to skydive in Taft and my jump coach was Melissa.Yes, the beautiful blond one. What a thrill, what a fantastic time I had in Taft. I will certainly go back when I can spare the time to jump on to Miss Universe (Motorbike 1800ccm) and ride her down to Taft.Until then, I jump out of airplanes in Lodi. It’s just around the corner.There are a lot of Dropzones in America but Taft has a lot of charisma,a lot of charm, the people are extremely helpful and for the new beginners it is the best place to start. They take you literally by the hand and Alex throws you out of the airplane at 13000 feet.They all are very helpful, Taft is the only place where even stupid question are welcomed. Nobody is better than the next. It’s just a bunch of nice people. I remember that Melissa signed me off for my first solo jump, oh my what a jump. I landed and screamed ” MELISSA, DID YOU SEE THAT” Needless to tell the beginners; go and ask for Melissa, she trains you and you will be a safe and good skydiver.I wish you blue sky all the time.☺

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