USPA Coach rating


– USPA membership
– B license
– minimum of 100 jumps
– assist in a First Jump Course


– complete the written test at home and bring the answers to the course
– own and bring to course a current IRM (instructors rating manual)
– own and bring to course a current SIM (skydivers information manual)
– bring to the course your USPA membership card and logbook
*current means no older than 24 months

The course:

The first day of the course is a full day of classroom. The second day will be divided in two parts: presentations and two evaluation jumps

Requirements to pass the course:

– score satisfactory on a Category G evaluation jump
– score satisfactory on a Category H evaluation jump
– two satisfactory teaching sessions of first jump course topics
– teach the five group freefall skills from the Coach Proficiency Card
– score at least 80% on the IRM Coach exam
– satisfactory student equipment check
– satisfactory debrief of the jumps
Course fee: $300
USPA License fee: $35
Jump tickets- price varies depending on dropzone (you will pay for yours and your examiner’s jumps)

Sigma Tandem rating

Earning the UPT Sigma Vector Tandem rating is a 3 step process.

1 – Five tandem jumps under supervision of a UPT Examiner.
2 – Five tandem jumps with an experienced jumper (B licensed and 100 jumps)
3 – The probationary period, where you can take actual passengers, but are on probation until you have a total of 25  tandem jumps. 


– 18 years of age
– at least 600 ram-air jumps
– 3 years in the sport
– USPA D-license
– Hold an instructional rating
– Hold an FAA class 3 medical certificate or foreign equivalent


Sigma Manual and IRM are the course books. It is recommended to print the Sigma manual prior to the course. You must answer the written exams prior to the course (USPA and UPT). Please type the answers and bring them to the course. Any questions you don’t know the answers to can be left open.

The course:

The tandem rating course will take 3 to 4 days (weather permitting). The course consists of one day of classroom, 5 evaluation jumps and correction of the written exams. And 5 jumps with an experienced skydiver.

You need to bring copies of:

– USPA membership card with D-license number and Coach or Instructor rating endorsement
– Copy of a current FAA class 3 medical certificate
– logbooks showing 700 jumps and 3 years in the sport

Cross training:

If you already possess a current Tandem Instructor rating from another manufacturer you can get crossed over to the Sigma rating.

To qualify for cross-training you must:

– Hold a current Tandem rating from another approved manufacturer
– Show documentation of at least 25 jumps on this system
– Meet all the requirements of the initial UPT tandem course (see above)


The course book is the Sigma Tandem manual. You must make the written tests at home, type the answers and bring to the course.

You need to bring copies of:

– Current tandem rating
– Logbook entries with 25 tandem jumps
– FAA class 3 medical certificate
– USPA membership card with D-license number and Instructional rating endorsement
The course consists of ground training and a minimum of 2 evaluation jumps. The Sigma tandem written exams will be corrected during the course before the jumps begin.

Course fee: $500
10 x equipment rental, price per jump: $50
10 x pack job: $10
USPA fee: $50
UPT fee: $50
Jump ticket: your slots and the examiner’s

Things to do before the course:

– Complete your Sigma and USPA test before the course
– Print all the forms from the links below
– Logbook
– Sigma Manual
– Tandem Examiner Certification Form*
– Tandem Instructor Certification Form*
– Tandem Instructor Checklist
– Tandem Instructor Recertification Form*
– Sigma Tandem Test: new